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This season we have allocated a border in the Kitchen Garden for heritage vegetables/salads.  It represents the diversity of vegetables which may have been grown in this Kitchen Garden, since it was established in the mid-18th century, including some regional varieties, which we have located.  Growing these heirloom plants has a conservation role, and offers an alternative to the uniformity of modern vegetables.  We sourced the seed from heritage seed suppliers, and where appropriate will save the seed for future use.

Heritage Vegetables Border (with dates where known)

  • Asparagus Pea (1596) – recorded by John Gerard as “square crimson-velvet pease”
  • Bath Cos Lettuce (pre 1880)
  • Beetroot Bulls Blood (1900)
  • Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top (1883)
  • Carlin Pea – drying pea which dates back to Elizabethan times
  • Carrot Long Red Surrey (1824) – also known as the Chertsey carrot
  • Celeriac Giant Prague (1870)
  • Lettuce Brune d’Hiver (1850s) – green leaves with bronzed edges
  • Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons
  • Lettuce Webbs Wonderful (1890)
  • Lettuce White Paris Cos (pre 1841)
  • Salsify (Sandwich Island) (1900)
  • Turnip Veitch’s Red Globe (1860s)

Other heritage vegetables will be added during the season, to fill the gaps after harvesting, with some feedback on the varieties tasted.


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