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Pumpkins in the Bothy

We have had a good harvest of pumpkins and their botanical relatives – the squashes.  The gourds also did well on our small gourds tunnel in the Kitchen Garden.

Ornamental Gourds

The pumpkins we grew included, Connecticut Field (the traditional American pumpkin),  Mammoth, and Halloween.  Two of the most attractive were

  • The French heirloom variety Rouge Vif d’Etampes,  a  large deeply ribbed pumpkin which developed a deep orange-red colour
  • A small red onion shaped pumpkin Uchiki Kuri, with a hard skin, it gave us a good return from just a few plants
We also grew several squashes, including Pattison Sunburst hybrids, and Butternut squash.
The pumpkins, squashes and gourds are all on display at the Bothy in the Garden, together with the collection of heritage apples and pears, harvested from the garden, supplemented by historic local apples from the Gloucestershire Orchard Group
Our Autumn Festival at the Garden takes place on Saturday & Sunday 22nd/23rd October, and Saturday & Sunday 29th/30th October (in the Bothy).  We will be apple and pear pressing on all of these days.  All welcome – usual opening hours. 
Chris Hitchcock
(Head Gardener)

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