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The tulip has become one of the most popular spring flowering bulbs of our 21st century borders, perhaps replicating the fascination of the great tulip era of the 17th century – Tulipomania- without its financial speculation.

This season we currently have an attractive display of Viridiflora, and Rembrandt tulips.  The Lily flower tulips, which have single flowers with elegantly pointed petals, look particularly good in amongst the emerging herbaceous plants in the Exedra Garden.

Lily flowered tulip Claudia

Tulipa acuminata (Turkish tulip) a species tulip is one of my favourites.  It is an old hybrid tulip with slender red and yellow spidery flowers.  We grow ours on a sunny dry site on one of the 18th century Herb Tumps in the Kitchen Garden.  The surface layer of hoggin (sand and gravel) helps to suppress weeds and improves the drainage

Tulipa acuminata

Chris Hitchcock (Head Gardener)


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