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After a successful potato harvest in 2010, with limited evidence of blight, we have chosen some different heritage potatoes as an addition to some of our regular favourites.  These will all be grown in the Kitchen Garden, in a border set aside for these old varieties of potato.  We are currently ‘chitting’ the potatoes in the Bothy, where they are on display.  They will be planted out in April.

Heritage Potato List

  • Red Duke of York – first early (1942), tuber skin colour: red
  • Beauty of Bute – second early (UK), tuber skin colour: part red
  • Flourball – second early (UK), 1895, tuber skin colour: red
  • Edgecote Purple – second early (UK), 1916, tuber skin colour: blue
  • International Kidney – early maincrop (UK), 1879, tuber skin colour: white to yellow
  • Gloucester Black Kidney – main crop (UK), tuber skin colour: blue
  • Vitelotte – main crop (France), early 1800s, tuber skin colour: black/purple

Vitelotte potatoes


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