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The Harvest Festival takes place this year, from 18th– 31st October around the Bothy area of the garden. 

There will be displays of:

  • Heritage potatoes, including Pink Fir Apple, Vitelotte and the Gloucester Black Kidney
  • Pumpkins and squashes
  • Heritage apples and pears from the garden – with a good crop of Blenheim Orange (apple) and Catillac pears on show
  • A collection of Gloucestershire heritage apples from a local orchard
  • Historic apples and pears from another 18th century period garden
  • Vegetables from the Kitchen Garden, including onions and garlic
  • At various times during the harvest festival fortnight, we will be apple and pear pressing, with the chance to taste the delicious, fresh organic fruit juice.
  • Recipes from the restaurant

Activities for children and families

  • Guess the weight of the Giant Marrow
  • Quizzes and colouring activities on the harvest festival theme
  • Find the squash

All welcome

Display of pumpkins outside the Bothy

Trug of Worcester Permain apples


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PERIOD PLANTS (autumn flowering)

 There are several useful period plants which give a good flowering display in the autumn period.  We have grown the ones described below mainly from seed.  This can take two years to fully establish good plants. 

  • Eupatorium purpureum (Joe Pye-Weed).  From N. America, introduced to the UK in 1640.  A tall border plant to 9 feet.  It can be divided to increase stock.  Only needs minimal staking.  (Grown  from seed)
  • Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru).  Native to the warmer parts of America (1596).  Flowers open in late afternoon, hence the other common name of Four O’clock flower.  The tuberous roots may be lifted in autumn and treated like Dahlias.  Grows to about 2ft. (Grown from seed)
  • Verbena bonariensis.  Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.  (1737). A good border plant if grown in a mass.  We have some in the Exedra Garden, and in a clump in the Kitchen Garden.  I would like to increase the display in the Kitchen Garden, because they are good for attracting beneficial insects. Medium height 3-5 feet, no staking required.  (Grown from seed). Will flower in the first year.

Seed suppliers

I use various sources including Jellito seeds, and Chiltern seeds.

Chris Hitchcock  (Head Gardener)

Eupatorium purpureum

Mirabilis jalapa

Verbena bonariensis

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