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Potato harvest


 We have now harvested and stored all the early potatoes, (modern and heritage varieties).

  • This season there has been no evidence of blight, because of the dry weather
  • The potatoes reached a reasonable size, with only the heritage Sharpe’s Express (1900), showing signs of scab.
  • Other potatoes suffered from some minor slug damage
  • We used a combination of grass clippings/compost for earthing up, which helped to retain moisture in the long dry periods during the growing season

Freshly harvested potatoes on display in the photograph: Arran Pilot (white), Amorosa (Red), Ano (White) and Red Duke of York (Red) – clockwise from top left.

Of the main crop varieties, the Sarpo Axona (modern) and the Gloucester Black Kidney (heritage) are doing well so far, resisting blight.  There will be a further update when these varieties have been lifted. 

Look out for our display of modern and heritage potatoes in the Bothy,  starting with the early varieties, with the main show taking place from 18th-31st October.


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Art Installed

Well the Artist’s all arrived and set up well in advance of our Press Preview Evening on Saturday 31st July.  In total we have over 36 sculptures ranging in price from under £100 to considerably more.

We were very fortunate to have the BBC follow the installation of the sculpture in the garden.  The programme was BBC1’s Country Tracks and Paul Hervey-Brookes, garden designer and plantsman narrated and took the film crew around doing various pieces on film.

Everyone from our invited artists to visitors in the garden all enjoyed the process and on Saturday night we had our Press Preview Evening with over 90 guests including some well known faces.

For next year’s Art in The Garden 4 busts of new garden worthies are going to be created as part of the exhibition.  On the Preview Evening the idea was launched to our guest, by the end of the evening rems of paper had been filled in with suggestions ranging from Geoff Hamilton to Margret Thatcher.  All in all there was a real buzz and a lot of camera flashing!!

We hope you can make it over to see the sculpture, the exhibition is on until the 31st August and you can make suggestions for our garden worthies until the end of the year.

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