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Having completed the replacement of the edging boards in the Exedra Gardens, the paths were re-laid.  This involved spreading, raking and rolling the best part of 20 tons of hoggin, a natural material consisting of clay, sand and gravel, much used for paths and carriage drives in the 18th Century.


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One of our gardeners, Shelley Beaumont has taken on responsibility for the Hazel Coppice area in the woodlands, continuing the good work of a previous gardener.  This is her account of the work carried out in this area recently:

I am managing a small area of our woodland, involving clearing, coppicing and layering Hazel, and together with a colleague have laid a hedge.  This consisted of overgrown, unruly trees, which now provide a suitable boundary and a habitat for the many species of plant, insect and wildlife the woodland attracts.

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Award winning garden designer and co-owner of the nursery here at Painswick, Paul Hervey-Brookes has been involved with children from a local school to create a garden based on the Umbrella’s by Renoir.

Over the winter months Paul has been in the school working with the children exploring the stories, shapes and feelings behind the painting.  Last week all 104 children in the school spent the day with Paul, in groups, sowing seed for the garden.

The garden is not only being created by the school children but grown by them also.  Paul said that for the garden and the joy of growing to really capture the children’s imagination then they should see the creation of their garden from sowing seed into modules through to planting out and eventually standing back and admiring a beautiful flowering garden.

The children will be working in the garden later this month, direct sowing and planting out.

The garden will be in-situ in the Vegetable Garden until July this year.

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