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Valentine in the Garden

Although a little late Valentine’s Day in the garden was a wonderfully romantic day.  Couples seemed to glow amongst the snowdrops which put on a fine show for garden visitor’s.  Although no Champagne corks popped in the garden a couple did get engaged.  We were delighted for them but in the excitement forgot to give them exclusive tickets to the VIP Area at our Garden Party in August this year as a gift from us to enjoy a glass of Champagne & Cupcake.    We are extending this offer to any garden guests who pop the question over the next few months in the garden – just let us know whilst you are with us!

We have also noticed a number of other bloggers and garden visitors have been saying some very kind things about our garden recently on the internet, so thank you we are pleased you enjoy the garden as much as we do.


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After some 4 years the wooden path edging in our Exedra gardens was looking past its best.  The boards on the downhill sides of the beds had warped and bowed under the pressure of the feet of our many visitors.  It was therefore decided to replace all the path edging with more substantial 1.5in timber, pegged at 1 metre intervals.  Starting at Christmas the first phase is now complete, despite the best efforts of the winter weather.  The garden staff (Tim Barker & Shelley Beaumont)  replaced some 160 metres of edging boards and hammered in 175 pegs.

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Well, the 1st Feb certainly brought a rush of activity here at the Garden. There is no doubt that the snowdrop season has started much later this year than for many years and this sign of the cold winter we are having has sparked the interest of the press.

Yesterday we saw press photographers and a TV camera man. The day finished at 6.30 when the local ITV weather was broadcast live from the Garden. despite the pitch black, the snowdrops looked great under the spotlights!

The Snowdrop Grove
Photo taken on 1st Feb

 I took this photo yesterday which shows the state of play of the main area of the display and as you can see the flowers are all now beginning to show.

The early bloomers are now well out, particularly above the maze.
We are suggesting that any time from the end of this week onwards ought to be good time to come. The dispaly will last for several weeks, so if the weather turns nasty don’t panic as there is still plenty of time to come.

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